Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Egg Zoo

It's been a busy week.  A hectic, crazy week.  The kind of week that requires some fun and relaxing recreation for the weekend.  And with that purpose in mind I loaded my girls up this morning and we headed for the egg shop.  There is nothing inherently fun in an egg, I know, but the egg shop here is a very unique place.  It's a mini zoo; a bakery with the most delicious puff pastries to ever tingle my tongue, and of course it has loads and loads of fresh, fertile eggs.  They are so fresh and fertile in fact, that in a mental lapse I spent at least a half hour researching how to hatch eggs.  Youtube appealed to my every maternal instinct with videos of sweet little fuzzy chicks kicking and squirming their way out of their shells.  Awwwww.  Thank goodness I regained my sanity.  What on earth would I do with a chicken?!  A few days later I was relating my delirium to the librarian, who informed me that he had a chicken, but it was luring snakes to his yard with it's siren clucking. For the safety of his family he tried to give it away.  No one wanted it.  So he drove up a mountain and dropped it off.  I think that is the only time in the course of my life I have ever felt bad for a chicken.

My daughters had a great time looking at all the animals.
They particularly liked the bunnies.  Good thing too because I recently added them to our list of must-have farm animals.  I had pet bunnies when I was a little girl and really liked them...until one decided to bite the tip of my middle finger off when I was trying to give him a carrot.  It's eerily reminiscent of my run-in with my best friend's horse.  I think I shall leave the feeding of our animals to the Jarhead. 
Despite my bad experience and flat middle finger, I would love to keep some angora rabbits for their wool.  I recently met a fellow military spouse here who spins her own yarn, and being completely fascinated by this, I've signed up for a spinning class.  I just know I am going to fall madly in love with it, and have closets full of afghans I've made from the backs of my bunnies.  Nex step: learn how to knit. 
Then we came to the semi-large animals, and the shaking and crying and clinging commenced.  Yes, we want a farm.
After a tour of the zoo, I used up just about all of my local currency on creme puffs.  Fresh Eggs can wait for another day.  And those puffs....totally worth all the happy shrieking from my two sugar-high toddlers on the way home. 


  1. Hmm...going green and sugar highs don't always mix. But then, Dad and I did have ice cream yesterday at one of our favorite places, the Riverside Dairy. I guess falling off the wagon once in awhile is necessary to keep life interesting. BTW, my sister raised rabbits for the meat and sheep for the wool. She spun yarn too and might have some tips stashed away somewhere if you need them.

  2. I remember the librarian guy talking about his chicken. Poor thing!! I'm sure it was a snake's dinner that day. :(
    And bunnies are cool. My friend has 2 pet bunnies that run around her house like cats. LoL. Soon they are moving into their own house and she is making one of the bedrooms a bunny room. Haha. Sounds like me and cats. I know your bunnies will be outside on the farm, but inside is fun too.