Monday, August 29, 2011


The Jarhead flew off to world's unknown this past week...also known as temporary assigned duty.  Since we were housebound with the pink eye and all, I decided to tackle some spring cleaning.  At the end of summer.  Sometimes I am a bit behind the curve. 

Our upcoming PCS in mind, I ruthlessly went through all our stuff and ended up with a great big "sell it" pile.  Now at last I have room in the closet for the vacuum cleaner. Good news, because it wasn't working so well as a contemporary art piece in the living room. 

Along with making room for the vacuum cleaner, I found my old photo albums and was instantly transported back in time.  Ahhh, memories.

Here is my cow.  My brother and I worked long and hard at a local dairy for her.  Her name was Delilah, but all we could think about with that name was the shameless hussy that chopped Sampson's hair off in the Bible; her and the silky-voiced radio host.  We changed her name to Abby and she was our baby; as much as a cow can be. 
 I am awestruck by this picture and the beauty of the dairy.  I can't believe it was all just "background" when I was a teen and surrounded by that beauty everyday.  I wish taking things for granted wasn't so inevitable.  Of course, I was trudging through cow manure at the time....that might have had something to do with it.
 There's me in the height of style, feeding one of the first calves I was ever put in charge of; I think her name was Poppy.
 Ahh, the chicken that made me hate all poultry ever after....he didn't deserve a clear picture.  But you can still see his evil eye.  I think his name was Demon Chicken...or Zeke...
 This would be CJ, the horse that tried to bite my toes while I rode him...
 And here's the hunky Jarhead I was dreaming about while I was scooping up manure and laying down hay for the cows. *swoon* 
Except in my dreams he was a cowboy.  Or a fireman.  Or a backwoodsman. 

This was Iraq, about 6 months before we got married.  He came home, swept me off my feet and slammed my head into the door frame of our honeymoon suite.  Major fail on carrying me over the threshold.


  1. HAHAHAAAA!!! I never heard that about him cracking your head on the door frame!!!!! That's classic. ;) I can laugh, because I know you had no lasting injuries. ;)

    Oh and the dairy farm looks AMAZING! And you were cute. =) Now you're cute and VERY beautiful. ;)

    I love you. =)

  2. Beautiful photos and hilarious commentary!

    My husband was trying to be all sexy in the limo on the way to the hotel after our reception... but then he couldn't get my dress zipped back up.

    Low and behold the hotel had a club in the basement... with a live performance that night... that apparently everyone went to...

    Yeah... go husbands! :)

    Becoming naturally beautiful one article at a time...