Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Homebaked Bread and the Art of Slicing It

It seemed to me that the very epitome of "organic" is homebaked bread; all the cool organic people do it, and I definately want to be a cool organic person.  And the bread at the commissary is pretty nasty....that too.  I had never baked bread in my life, and didn't even own bread pans, but I decided I needed to give it a shot for the aforementioned reasons.  I added "foil breadpans" to my grocery list, and hunted down the perfect bread recipe.  It wasn't a long hunt.  Because when you have one of these bad boys...

...there is really only one option; use the recipe that came with the mixer.  Not only was it easy, peasy, it made my house smell amazing, and my hands were loving that dough.  And the still, my heart!

I have since made 6 more loaves...and bought actual bread pans.  One problem I was running into was that the bread had to be cut a bit thick, otherwise it would crumble.  This past batch, quite by accident, I learned the secret for sandwich thin slices.  Refrigeration before cutting; voila!

Don't you love peanut butter and jelly?  That's some Jiff and Smuckers right there.  Yes, I will eventually ditch the smooth stuff and buy the gravel.  I'm not so kean on organic peanut butter... *sigh*

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  1. YOU HAVE A KITCHEN AID??? *pouty face* I'm jealous! And your bread looks AMAZING, my friend. I might have to get that recipe. You know, from one cool organic person to another. ;-)