Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Pancakes...By A Recovering Bisquick-aholic.

I love pancakes; they make me feel all warm and cozy inside, and bring back memories of when I was just a little Babs...staring in wide-eyed amazement as my Mommy made fantastic things like Mickey Mouse faces with the batter.  I still stare in wide-eyed amazement at that kind of skill; I hear it skips a generation.  That's okay, my daughter is low-maintenance. *whew* She does happy dances and cheers along the lines of, "YAY!  Pancakes!  I love pancakes Mama!" whenever the subject comes up.  She gets her excitement over simple things from me... and her mad, happy-dance skills.  My longtime friend in pancake making has been Bisquick; it's been by my side through good times and bad, whipping up not only pancakes, but quick and delicious biscuits, pot pies, and an endless list of last minute meals involving dough.  There comes a time however when we must sever certain ties, and that time is now.  I ran out of Bisquick.  When I went to the store, I walked somberly passed all the beautiful yellow boxes in the baking aisle, avoiding eye contact.  Then I found it; organic flour.  Baking soda.  Baking powder.  And a new, healthier friendship was formed, and more delicious pancakes were made.  Bisquick, I am so over you. 
My Mom must have known somehow that this day would come.  She made me an amazing book, full of delicious and "from scratch" recipes that I took with me when I married my Jarhead.  Lo and behold, there was not one, but two recipes for pancakes!  No tutorials on Mickey Mouse faces though...*sigh*


1 1/4 C flour
2 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt
1 C milk
1 T applesauce or canola oil
1 beaten egg

Mix together the dry ingredients.  Add the wet ingredients.  Stir just long enough to combine well.  Then make pancakes like everyone knows how.

I should note, this doesn't make enough for my brood, so I double it.  Well....it might be enough if Jarhead didn't eat all the batter raw....or if we didn't have batter fights...  I won.  Nevermind, it's probably enough.

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  1. YES!!! I'm so glad you posted this!!! I forgot we have a love of little things. Especially the dancing and clapping b/c we find it awesome :D