Monday, June 6, 2011

Mountain Rose Herbs

I wasn't feeling so great today; I had made up my mind to have a snow-day...minus the snow...and keep indoors.  As the day went on though, my thoughts kept turning to the essential oils I ordered last week; I knew there was a long-shot chance they would arrive today, and in the late afternoon the anticipation was just too much, so I loaded up and headed to the PO.  The box was there.  And I think I might have been a bit more excited than my daughter was, who thinks every package we get is a late Christmas present for her.  I opened it up in the car and took a whiff of everything.  Oh my; delicious. 
Except for the Tea Tree, which is not so delicious.  I was slightly unprepared for this.  My run-ins with Tea Tree have most often been in the form of cosmetic products that boast it as a main ingredient and smell just lovely.  The truth has come out; Tea Tree stinks.  Despite it's smell, it works as an antibacterial (among many other things), and is a great addition to many cleaners.  I have noticed that most recipes I've come across include equal parts Tea Tree and Lavender oils; do I smell a cover-up?  Perhaps, but Lavender also works as an antibacterial, so it's a great double-whammy.  And it smells nice too.  It's a cover-up.

Being my typical, excited self, I couldn't wait to add the essential oils to my cleaners, and check out the un-vinegar-like scent.  I dropped 8 drops of Lavender into my glass cleaner, and rushed over to clean our TV screen, which had become smeared by little handprints.  I had to wait; the Jarhead was in the midst of war, killing virtual bad guys on Call of Duty.  After the round was over, I set to work.  The Lavender sure adds a nice somethin'-somethin'.  I have never been so excited to clean!

I am particularly happy with the Sweet Orange oil, which was a bit of an impulse buy because it sounded pretty.  The Peppermint Oil I purchased because I have heard it works well to deter ants, which are a big problem here, and the Citronella I intend to use to make our own bugspray.  I will let you know the outcome of both.

I have nothing but praise for Mountain Rose Herbs, the company I ordered my supplies from.  Their shipping was FAST!  Their products are excellent, and economical.  Their website has great information, as well as their own cleaning recipes I can't wait to try out.  I will most definately be ordering from them again.


  1. How to jarheads and lavender oil mix? They sound like they're at opposite poles.

  2. Haha, you make me smile. =) I'm so glad your order got there!! =) I LOVE the Sweet Orange oil, and yes, Tea Tree oils stinks. I've never liked it, but it has some GREAT health benefits! =) I just made a facial soap with it because tea tree is great at helping clear up acne. It doesn't smell to bad in soap. ;-)