Wednesday, June 8, 2011

What I'm Reading

I have always loved to read.  Since I became a Mom I don't have as much time for it as I would like, but every now and then there comes along a book that makes me make the time.  The Unhealthy Truth: One Mother's Shocking Investigation into the Dangers of America's Food Supply-- and What Every Family Can Do to Protect Itself is one of those books.  Even though I am just up to page 27, it's a compelling read. 

Robyn O'Brien is a former equities analyst, whose life changed one morning over breakfast when her youngest child suffered an allergic reaction to the food she had eaten.  It sent her on a quest to learn everything she could about food allergies, and the types of things in the "food" we eat.  The forward is written by Dr. Kenneth A. Boch, who speaks of the epidemics we see of autism, ADHD, asthma and allergies.  Dr. Boch asserts that 1 in 3 children are affected by at least one of these new epidemics.  Autism has risen 1,500% in the past two decades.  The statistics are alarming to say the least, and I can say I know several people affected by each one of them. 

As I read about GM (genetically modified) foods, and how they are in every bite of processed food we eat, I threw the door open on my cupboard and started reading labels.  The big two offenders that I have learned of so far are corn and soy; if you eat anything with corn or soy in it that is not labelled "USDA Organic", you are being exposed to GM food.  I thought for the most part we would be good to go, because I don't really buy a whole lot of processed anything.  My eyes grew wide and my ears rang with climactic scary music as the obvious offenders jumped out at me.  "Corn Flakes", "Tostitoes", Canned Corn for my famously delicious corn chowder; popping corn that I had just bought, feeling slick and healthy, to replace microwave popcorn.  All the sudden my food stash seemed like chemical warfare, and the thought of eating it anymore made me sick.  I was just on the verge of throwing it all into the trash when I heard the voice of my Jarhead saying, "let's have popcorn."  I gasped in horror and said, "but it's been genetically modified!"  He said, "I really want popcorn, we'll eat genetically modified one more time." 


  1. I am glad you found a copy to read. It IS a compelling read.

  2. I've never read that, but I think I'll find myself a copy. Your popcorn story made me laugh. ;-) Josh and I have been *sort of* trying to avoid MOST corn products for a while, but we're getting more serious about it now. Throwing out the old corn chips and getting the organic *expensive* ones. It's nice to be able to not worry when you're eating your corn chips. :) Yet another great post my friend!

  3. Besides the popcorn being GM, the stuff they use to flavor it and the oil for popping is also dangerous. I read awhile back about people who worked in a plant that makes microwave popcorn getting sick from being exposed to the ingredients. We went back to stove popped corn using organic corn, coconut oil, and then real butter and sea salt for flavor. There is no coconut flavor and it is the only oil which can take the heat and not become oxidized. (BTW, canola oil is GM too.) It does take practice to figure out which pan, what temperature, when to take it off the stove, etc. so it doesn't burn or leave too many unpopped. But I think the old fashioned way tastes better than any packaged brand.